The Brew Ridge Trail

Virginia’s Original Beer Destination

The Brew Ridge Trail is a self-guided tour featuring six of the nation’s best craft breweries. With everything from lagers to stouts, there’s something for everyone along the trail.


The Brew Ridge Trail is Virginia’s Original Beer Destination and the best way to travel when you want to taste all the beer in Nelson County and some from nearby Charlottesville.

In 2009, the Brew Ridge Trail was launched with five breweries and the Nelson County Department of Economic Development and Tourism (we now have six breweries on the Trail). Since then, craft brewing has exploded – both within the Commonwealth and across the nation.

Over the years, the Brew Ridge Trail’s website has grown to include local lodging, restaurants, shopping, and attractions that complement the self-directed beer trail. Plus, local transportation options have grown to offer a wide variety of options for many of our Trail stops.

In 2015, South Street Brewery was purchased and remodeled by Blue Mountain Brewery, Blue Mountain expanded its eating areas, Devils Backbone opened an outdoor biergarten with firepit seating, and Starr Hill opened its new Tap Room complete with stage. These days, there are pet-friendly areas at three of our breweries, food trucks are a common sight at Blue Mountain Barrel House and Starr Hill and almost every stop on the Trail has live music at one time or another.

The Fine Print

Virginia law prohibits persons from consuming any alcoholic beverages not purchased from the property it is being consumed on. If any member of your group brings any “outside” open alcoholic beverage to any Brew Ridge Trail (BRT) property, the brewery will not serve anyone in your group and will require that your group leave the premises. No refund of fees will be made. Keep the open alcohol containers in the vehicle. Do NOT bring them on the grounds, in the parking lot or in the buildings.

Under Virginia law, intoxicated persons cannot be served. You will be assumed to be intoxicated if you are disrespectful or do not follow the directions of staff, or you are otherwise loud or disruptive to staff or other patrons. You will also be assumed to be intoxicated if you cannot walk a straight line or slur your speech when talking to a member of any brewery’s staff.

Please be sure to have a valid form of ID if you plan to purchase alcohol. Guests must be 21 years of age to purchase or consume alcohol.  Acceptable IDs include: valid US driver’s license, passport, military ID, or US identification card.

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The Brew Ridge Trail is Virginia's original beer destination. With breathtaking views and the best brews around, there is no reason NOT to try something new today !